G-Series - ND16 Magnetic Filter 67mm
G-Series - ND16 Magnetic Filter 67mm
G-Series - ND16 Magnetic Filter 67mm

G-Series - ND16 Magnetic Filter 67mm

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*Compatible with any iPhone, in pairing with Step-Up Adapters & Camera Mount. Note: Step-up Adapters & Camera Mount are not included in this product*

Neutral Density Filters are designed to reduce the intensity of the light on the camera sensor, allowing you to have better control of your exposure and light in ways digital editing can’t.

Engineered with the highest quality optical glass and aerospace-grade aluminum, our G-Series - ND Filters let you improve exposure in bright environments without having to increase the shutter speed or frame rate.

Whether you’re trying to perfectly balance the sunset, shoot long exposure during the day, or create stunning cinematic videos, we got you covered.

  • Helps control exposure and/or add motion blur in bright environments.

  • Ideal for long-exposure photography or cinematic videos.

  • Perfect color neutrality & zero color shift
  • Multilayer nano coating - waterproof / anti-oil / anti-scratch
  • The higher the number the higher the light reduction obtained by a certain ND filter.
  • Featuring our ReeMag™ Magnetic Mounting System allowing you to mount any of our Magnetic Filters and other accessories without fiddling around with threads


  • G-Series Filters can be used in pairing with our G-Series Lenses - Wide Angle 110°Telephoto 2x and Anamorphic 1.33x lens - through the utilization of the dedicated Step-Up Adapters

  • G-Series Filters can be used in pairing with our Reeflex Pro Camera app (iOS only), to obtain incredible long-exposure photography, allowing you to have even more flexibility when shooting in challenging light conditions.



    Go beyond the built-in camera's limitations.



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