REEFLEX is a dynamic team of tech enthusiasts - engineers, designers, and photographers - hailing from the vibrant cities of Rome, Zurich, and Copenhagen. Our journey kicked off in early 2020, driven by a bold mission: to redefine mobile photography through advanced computational techniques.

At REEFLEX we strongly believe that the best camera out there is the one you can always have with yourself and that the best part of memories is making them. We envision a transformative era where mobile phones become the quintessential tools for capturing, curating, and sharing content across creative communities.

Embracing this dynamic shift, we are dedicated to building a cutting-edge ecosystem of tools and software, allowing our users to effortlessly capture extraordinary moments using the device that's always at their fingertips.

With an unshakable dedication to innovation and user-centric design, we're determined to unleash the full creative potential of photographers and videographers, catering to both enthusiasts and professionals.

Join us on this trailblazing journey as we reshape the future of mobile content creation together!

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Technology enthusiasts with one goal in mind:

Redefine mobile photography

through advanced computational techniques and state-of-the-art technologies



We strongly believe that the best part of memories is making them and that the best camera is the one you can always have with yourself, in your pocket.



We strive to create the best possible tools for you to capture those moments that really count, effortlessly. Beautiful moments are everywhere.



We are curious about the world. Exploration is part of our DNA, driven by the beauty of the discovery. Creating something beautiful out of each moment and aiming to inspire others. This is us, this is REEFLEX.


Salvatore De Angelis

iOS Development & Co-Founder

Giosue' Salomone

UI/UX Development & Co-Founder

Mattia Marvardi

Product Development & Co-Founder


With thousands of users around the globe, our community is the place where fellow creatives come and share what they love the most.

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