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The G-Series Collection.


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Introducing our G-Series Collection

evolving, sharper.

Embracing the Shift.

The G-Series journey emerged from necessity. Our Pro Series Lenses, unveiled in 2021, were designed to match the iPhone 12 camera specs, with a 12MP sensor and a 26mm focal length, but times changed. The latest iPhones now feature a 48MP sensor and a 24mm focal length - a 10% broader field of view and an astonishing 400% increase in image resolution.

+20% More Glass

Unparalled Image Quality

ReeMag: Magnetic Addiction

Aerospace Grade Aluminum

Designed in Italy

Compatible with latest iPhones


Go beyond the built-in camera's limitations

Your everyday Pro-DSLR Camera

Reeflex Pro Camera is ideal for everyday situations, allowing you to capture classic "still" photography and long exposure photography, while still offering a rich set of DSLR-like features like full manual controls, exposure/focus guides and much more.

Professional Raw Long Exposure

ReeXpose redefines the standards of professional long exposure photography, by providing a unique set of tools - powered by the latest computational technolgies - to let you capture RAW Bayer (.DNG) long exposures, producing full 12-bit DNG images.

Handheld AI Powered Long Exposure

ReeHeld is a revolutionary camera app that lets you capture stunning long exposure photos without the need for a tripod thanks to its unique AI capabilities .ReeHeld is the perfect tool for taking stunning handheld long exposures on the go.

Professional Grade Time-Lapse Videos

Our newcomer, ReeLapse, is our most innovative app yet. Allowing you to create professional-grade time-lapse and hyperlapse videos, you can now capture the invisible motion of time with maximum controls and 4K / full-sensor size high-res formats.

We believe that the best camera is the one you can always have with yourself, in your pocket.

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The G-Series' image quality is off the charts, delivering crisp, vibrant shots that truly pop. But it's not just about the visuals – the engineering behind the ReeMag magnetic mounting system is pure genius. No more fumbling with screw-on filters or caps – just snap them on effortlessly and get shooting.


MR JUSTICE: iPhone Filmmaking with G-Series Anamorphic 1.33x Lens — Explore the Behind-the-Scenes 🎥

MR JUSTICE: iPhone Filmmaking with G-Series Anamorphic 1.33x Lens — Explore the Behind-the-Scenes 🎥

Witness the making of "MR JUSTICE," a dark noir thriller directed by James Twyman and shot entirely on the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Explore the creative process with our Anamorphic 1.33x and Telephoto 2x lenses. Discover how iPhones can rival pro-grade DLSR cameras! 🎬✨
Our New Compact Tripod is Here! ✨🤩

Our New Compact Tripod is Here! ✨🤩

Discover unmatched stability and precision on the go with our new Compact Tripod, crafted from durable aerospace-grade aluminum. Perfect for use with ReeXpose and ReeLapse apps, it ensures stunning long exposure shots and time-lapses. Elevate your mobile photography with this indispensable tool! 🚀
REEFLEX's Piazza – Celebrating our Photographer of the Month – April / May 2024 📸

REEFLEX's Piazza – Celebrating our Photographer of the Month – April / May 2024 📸

Ready to discover our REEFLEX's Piazza 'Photographer of the Month' winner for May and April !? 🏆   It's time to get inspired by the stunning images captured and discover the stories behind these captivating shots! 🎉

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