The G-Series Lenses are optimized to work seamlessly with all iPhone models, from the iPhone X and above, ensuring maximum compatibility with the latest generation of iPhone cameras, including the iPhone 15 and 14 series.

You can find a list of supported iPhone models below:

- iPhone 15 Pro Max
- iPhone 15 Pro
- iPhone 15 Plus
- iPhone 15
- iPhone 14 Pro Max
- iPhone 14 Pro
- iPhone 14 Plus
- iPhone 14
- iPhone 13 Pro Max
- iPhone 13 Pro
- iPhone 13 Mini
- iPhone 13
- iPhone 12 Pro Max
- iPhone 12 Pro
- iPhone 12 Mini
- iPhone 12
- iPhone 11 Pro Max
- iPhone 11 Pro
- iPhone 11

Our G-Series Lenses are primarily designed to work with the main camera of the iPhone, known as the Wide Angle camera (W). However, the Macro lenses can be used with the Telephoto camera (T) to achieve additional magnification.

Our G-Series Lenses are primarily designed to work best with the main camera of the iPhone, known as the Wide Angle camera (W).

Regarding the Telephoto 2x lens, this is not fully compatible with the Telephoto camera of the iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max and 14 Pro/Pro Max due to the specifications of the newer 48MP camera sensors.

While it may be possible to use the Telephoto 2x lens with the Telephoto camera, we do not recommend it as it is not optimized for such use.

Previous generation iPhones, such as the iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max and earlier, may have higher compatibility due to the lower dimensions and specifications of their 12MP camera sensors.

If you choose to use the Telephoto 2x lens with the Telephoto camera, please note that the focus may not be optimal. However, you can adjust the manual focus using our REEFLEX Pro Camera app by setting it to MF = 1 for infinite focus.

Our G-Series lenses utilize a standard 17mm thread mount which allows you to screw-in the lenses into our iPhone Case's camera bumper, which also features a 17mm thread mount interface.

This ensures your lenses are in place, and correctly aligned with the selected camera, while also providing a robust system so that both your lenses and iPhone's cameras are well protected.

The threads of the phone case are strategically positioned to align with the Wide and Telephoto cameras of the iPhone, as these are the primary cameras compatible with our G-Series Lenses.

Specifically, the Wide camera is compatible with all of our G-Series Lenses, including the Telephoto, Wide, Macro, Fisheye, and Anamorphic lenses. On the other hand, the Telephoto camera is only compatible with the Macro lenses and the Telephoto lens (the latter one only depending on the iPhone model which is being used).

By aligning the threads with these two main cameras, we aim to ensure optimal user experience and seamless integration with our range of high-end lenses.

Yes! Each lens will ship with a slim-fit pouch that will protect it from scratches, impacts, and dust. Further, each lens has a protective aluminium magnetic cap for the front side and a plastic cap for the mounting thread on the back.

Yes, the G-Series Lenses are compatible with most third-party camera apps. However, for full compatibility and access to advanced features, we recommend using our Reeflex Pro Camera app.

In order to take the best out of our G-Series Lense we've created REEFLEX Pro Camera, a professional iOS camera app that allows you to have full manual controls, like on any DSLR camera, and shoot best-in-class still and long exposure photography.

This app offers advanced features and customizable settings that complement the capabilities of G-Series Lenses, allowing you to achieve optimal results in your photography.

Reeflex Pro Camera app provides extensive manual control over essential photography settings such as ISO, shutter speed, white balance, focus, and exposure compensation. This level of control is crucial for maximizing the potential of G-Series Lenses and capturing images precisely as intended.

Download REEFLEX Pro Camera on the  App Store (here)

We suggest using apps like BlackMagic Camera and FiLMiC Pro for capturing cinematic footage when using our Anamorphic 1.33x lens.

These apps offer advanced manual controls and support for anamorphic lenses, allowing you to achieve stunning widescreen imagery and utilise the live desqueeze function when filming.

Also, both these apps support shooting in various aspect ratios, including the standard 16:9 widescreen format and the cinematic 2.39:1 aspect ratio commonly associated with anamorphic lenses.

This versatility allows you to experiment with different compositions and visual styles.

Our lenses are engineered to maintain the high image quality of your iPhone's camera while enhancing specific aspects such as field of view, zoom capability, or macro photography.

The Telephoto 2x, Wide Angle 110° and Anamorphic 1.33x lenses are all compatible with our new add-on filters using the patented ReeMag™ magnetic mounting system.

The legacy Pro Series Filters utilize a thread mount interface, while the new G-Series Filters utilize the new ReeMag™ magnetic mounting system. Therefore you cannot use the legacy Pro Series Filters on the G-Series Lenses.

Yes, our legacy Pro Series Cases are fully compatible with our new G-Series Lenses, and vice versa. Both the Pro Series Cases and the G-Series Lenses utilize the standard 17mm thread, ensuring seamless compatibility between the two product lines. You can easily attach your G-Series Lenses to your legacy Pro Series Cases for enhanced photography capabilities. Similarly, you can use our Pro Series Lenses with the new G-Series Cases for versatile creative possibilities.

Our G-Series lenses are designed with versatility in mind, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of iPhone models, including future releases.

While we strive to maintain compatibility with the latest iPhone models, it's important to recognize that advancements in technology may introduce changes that could affect compatibility to some extent.

We continuously adapt and innovate to ensure our lenses remain largely compatible with evolving iPhone technology, but we cannot guarantee absolute compatibility with future iPhone generations due to potential variations in camera apparatus developed by Apple.

However, rest assured that we're committed to providing the best possible user experience, and we'll continue to evolve our products to meet the needs of our customers.

it's possible that a new phone case may be required for the next generation of iPhone, depending on any changes in its design or camera apparatus.

While our G-Series lenses are crafted to be versatile and compatible with a wide range of iPhone models, including future releases, advancements in technology could impact compatibility.

If significant changes are introduced with the next iPhone generation, we will work on the development of a new phone case tailored to ensure seamless integration with our lenses.


Our G-Series ReeMag™ Magnetic Filters include a range of options such as Polarizing (CPL) Filters for reducing glare and enhancing color saturation, ND (Neutral Densiti) Filters for controlling exposure in bright conditions, UV filters for reducing haze and protecting your lens, and Mist or Gold/Blue Streak to achieving dramatic image outputs.

Our filters feature the innovative ReeMag™ magnetic mounting system, making them incredibly easy to attach and detach from your G-Series Lenses. With this system, you can effortlessly switch between filters in seconds, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free photography experience. Just center the filters with the Filter Adapter, mounted on the lenses, and snap the filter into place!

Attaching ReeMag™ Magnetic Filters to your iPhone's cameras is incredibly simple. Just align the filter with the corresponding Camera Mount , installed onto the lens thread (Wide or Telephoto camera), and the powerful magnetic mounting system will securely hold the filter in place onto the Camera Mount. There's no need for complicated installation or additional accessories.

Yes! You can utilise the Filter Camera Mount that allows you to apply any of our G-Series Filter directly onto our phone case. This will allow you to use our filters and shoot with the iPhone built-in cameras.

Yes, our Filter Adapters are exclusively designed for magnetic attachment and do not include any threading mechanism.

Our filters are designed to enhance image quality by reducing glare, controlling exposure, and improving color accuracy without compromising the inherent quality of your iPhone's camera.

Yes, you can stack multiple ReeMag™ Magnetic Filters on your iPhone to achieve unique creative effects. Experiment with combinations of filters to enhance colors, contrast, and mood in your photos. However, be mindful of vignetting or other optical issues that may occur when stacking multiple filters.

Yes, our filters are designed to be compatible with the G-Series Lenses, allowing you to combine different filtration effects with the lens's optical capabilities.

The attachment utilises our new ReeMag™ magnetic mounting system for a flawless experience, removing any fiddling around with threads.

Our filter kit is specifically designed to accommodate our ReeMag™ Magnetic Filters, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

While our filter kit is primarily intended for use with our proprietary magnetic filters, it may be possible to use certain third-party magnetic filters with our system. However, compatibility can vary depending on the size, shape, and strength of the magnets used in the third-party filters.

To ensure the best results and avoid any potential issues with compatibility or interference, we recommend using our ReeMag™ Magnetic Filters with the G-Series Filter Kit. Our filters are carefully engineered to work seamlessly with our lenses and provide superior image quality and performance.


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