G-Series Lenses - Action Bundle
G-Series Lenses - Action Bundle
G-Series Lenses - Action Bundle
G-Series Lenses - Action Bundle
G-Series Lenses - Action Bundle
G-Series Lenses - Action Bundle

G-Series Lenses - Action Bundle

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*G-Series Case is not included in this product and is necessary to use any of the G-Series Lenses*

Which G-Series Lens you'll find in this bundle

Wide Angle 110°

Fisheye 220°

If you're looking to capture incredible action footage, with an immersive and enhanced wide FoV, well then you got to the right place. This bundle is a must for any adventure you embark on!

Wide-Angle 110°

Meet your go-to lens for sprawling landscapes and wide-scene mastery. This minimal-distortion marvel leverages your iPhone's robust 48MP main camera sensor, surpassing the performance of the built-in 12MP ultra-wide camera, especially in low-light and nighttime conditions. With its generous 110° field of view, it's your gateway to uncompromising grandeur. Enjoy twice the content in a single frame without sacrificing resolution and clarity. Unlock a broader perspective, ideal for those craving expansive shots and seeking to elevate their creative game.

Fisheye 220°

Broaden your creative horizons in ways you've never imagined! Our new Fisheye Lens opens up a world of possibilities. It's ideal for action-packed footage, making it perfect for capturing dynamic shots of sport events, bustling urban environments, and artistic shots that demand a unique perspective. Wider than any built-in ultra-wide camera, and friendlier on your budget than a GoPro, this 8mm-equivalent lens unlocks your iPhone's full image sensor, eliminating vignetting for crisp, edge-to-edge shots. Whether you're into action and adventures, or creative photography, this lens will take your mobile content creation to the next level.

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