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The G-Series Collection.


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Introducing our G-Series Collection

evolving, sharper.

Embracing the Shift.

The G-Series journey emerged from necessity. Our Pro Series Lenses, unveiled in 2021, were designed to match the iPhone 12 camera specs, with a 12MP sensor and a 26mm focal length, but times changed. The latest iPhones now feature a 48MP sensor and a 24mm focal length - a 10% broader field of view and an astonishing 400% increase in image resolution.

+20% More Glass

Unparalled Image Quality

ReeMag: Magnetic Addiction

Aerospace Grade Aluminum

Designed in Italy

Compatible with latest iPhones


Go beyond the built-in camera's limitations

Your everyday Pro-DSLR Camera

Reeflex Pro Camera is ideal for everyday situations, allowing you to capture classic "still" photography and long exposure photography, while still offering a rich set of DSLR-like features like full manual controls, exposure/focus guides and much more.

Professional Raw Long Exposure

ReeXpose redefines the standards of professional long exposure photography, by providing a unique set of tools - powered by the latest computational technolgies - to let you capture RAW Bayer (.DNG) long exposures, producing full 12-bit DNG images.

Handheld AI Powered Long Exposure

ReeHeld is a revolutionary camera app that lets you capture stunning long exposure photos without the need for a tripod thanks to its unique AI capabilities .ReeHeld is the perfect tool for taking stunning handheld long exposures on the go.

Professional Grade Time-Lapse Videos

Our newcomer, ReeLapse, is our most innovative app yet. Allowing you to create professional-grade time-lapse and hyperlapse videos, you can now capture the invisible motion of time with maximum controls and 4K / full-sensor size high-res formats.

We believe that the best camera is the one you can always have with yourself, in your pocket.

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The G-Series' image quality is off the charts, delivering crisp, vibrant shots that truly pop. But it's not just about the visuals – the engineering behind the ReeMag magnetic mounting system is pure genius. No more fumbling with screw-on filters or caps – just snap them on effortlessly and get shooting.


REEFLEX's Piazza 📸 Photographer of the Month - June 2024

REEFLEX's Piazza 📸 Photographer of the Month - June 2024

Welcome to the REEFLEX Piazza 'Photographer of the Month' awards, hosted by David Addison (@David_Addison). We are excited to announce the winner of the June 2024 contest and thank our community for their creativity and support. Join our Reeflex Summer Contest for a chance to win $1,000 in cash prizes and store vouchers by sharing time-lapses using our ReeLapse app. Click here to learn more! 🚀📸
🌟📸 Join our Summer ReeLapse Contest & Win $1000! 📸🌟

🌟📸 Join our Summer ReeLapse Contest & Win $1000! 📸🌟

We're thrilled to kick off the summer with our exciting Reeflex Summer Contest! ☀️🏆 What’s on the Line? $1,000 in Cash Prizes! 💰 and exclusive Vouchers to use in our store! 🎁 🚀
Stewart Wood Reviews the Reeflex G-Series: Unveiling the Strengths of Our Macro Lenses 📸🔍

Stewart Wood Reviews the Reeflex G-Series: Unveiling the Strengths of Our Macro Lenses 📸🔍

Discover Stewart Wood's honest review of our G-series macro lenses for iPhone macro photography. Watch the video and explore the incredible strengths of our lenses, complemented by Stewart's stunning macro shots. 🌿📸

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