Anil Davè Unveils G-Series Lenses: Prepare for Takeoff! 🚀

Anil Davè Unveils G-Series Lenses: Prepare for Takeoff! 🚀

📣 Brace yourself for a groundbreaking leap in mobile content creation with G-Series Lenses! Our Kickstarter campaign is set to launch today, October 18th, on, and it's going to be nothing short of epic! 🚀

Join forces with Anil Davè as he unveils these incredible add-ons. From high-clarity telephoto & wide angle lenses to magnetic filters that effortlessly attach on top of the lenses or your iPhone's cameras, the G-Series is an absolute game-changer.

And the most exciting part? They all seamlessly integrate with our revolutionary ReeMag™ magnetic mounting system for extreme ease of use! 📸

Don't miss your chance to be part of the future of mobile content creation! 👉 Get yours here on

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