Pro Series Lenses - Photo Bundle - REEFLEX
Pro Series Lenses - Photo Bundle - REEFLEX
Pro Series Lenses - Photo Bundle - REEFLEX
Pro Series Lenses - Photo Bundle - REEFLEX

Pro Series Lenses - Photo Bundle

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NOTE: We are discontinuing our legacy Pro Series Lenses as we are currently launching our new G-Series Lenses on Kickstarter.

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From landscape and panoramic shots to pro-level portraits and cinematic shooting. This is the most versatile bundle if you're looking to take your photography and filmmaking to the next level!

Pro Series - Telephoto 60mm lens:
Ideal for documenting everyday life, from urban photography to stunning portraits. Our Telephoto 60mm lens allows you to highlight details and focus in with compressed perspective, thanks to the
 2x optical magnification. Achieve emotional portraits of your subject, with balanced proportion and natural depth of field. Get up to 4-5x optical zoom by pairing our Telephoto 60mm lens with the native telephoto of your iPhone 12 Pro or 13 Pro. Zoom in on those precious details without compromising on image quality!

Pro Series - Wide Angle 18mm lens:
Ideal for panoramic shots, flatlays and other photography style requiring the shooter to fit in more into frame. Our Wide Angle 18mm lens allows you capture up to 2x wider photos, with its 110° field of view, providing enhanced distance perspective, leading the viewer towards the subject. This is the perfect tool for every occasion and offers a wider field of view, encouraging photographers to tap into new realms of creativity.




Yes, they are! Pro Series Lenses work on any iPhone and can be used by simply pairing them with our Pro Series Case (Metal/Wood).

Very simple: remove the lid, pop out the lens, screw it on the Pro Series Case and start shooting! Pro Series Lenses are well suited for any user, from professionals to beginners.

In order to take the best out of Pro Series Lenses we've created Reeflex Pro Camera, a professional camera app that allows you to have full manual controls, like on any DSLR camera, and shoot best-in-class long exposure photography. Download it on the  App Store (link here)

Yes! Pro Series Lenses work well on the native iPhone camera app too. However in order to have full control over your photo capture and uniquely select the camera you paired the lens to, especially when using iPhones with multiple cameras, we advise using our Reeflex Pro Camera app. Download it now on the  App Store

Don't forget to get your pro series case - available in metal and wood


iPhone case - Pro Series Leather (MagSafe) - REEFLEXiPhone case - Pro Series Leather (MagSafe) - REEFLEX
iPhone case - Pro Series Wood - REEFLEXiPhone case - Pro Series Wood - REEFLEX
iPhone case - Pro Series Wood
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iPhone case - Pro Series Metal - REEFLEXiPhone case - Pro Series Metal - REEFLEX
iPhone case - Pro Series Metal
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Take your iPhone photography to the next level. DSLR camera controls combined with a highly intuitive UI. All you ever needed, right in your pocket.


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